Welcome to the Second Amendment Women Shooting Club! (SAW)

SAW Club One Year Membership only $30! Email us for more information on how to join! SAWShootingclub@gmail.com.

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SAW Club was founded by two NRA certified firearms instructors with the goal of providing an introduction as well as continuing opportunities for women to participate in and enjoy firearms training.

The SAW Facebook group is a forum for all topics firearms – you can Join our Facebook Group to connect with other members and find out more about events.

We are “proud and strong”!

Rules of Safe Gun Handling

What are people saying about SAW?

“I had owned a firearm for about 40 years, but never really trained because of what I perceived as being  a ‘male dominated sport’.  Several years ago,  I learned about S.A.W. (Second Amendment Women), through a friend.  I was excited to hear of this women’s group which was founded and run by female NRA instructors.   I joined, took classes, got active and made some great friends.  In addition to the training and monthly meetups, we had many social events. S.A.W.  has provided me with the tools I need to safely and confidently handle my firearm to protect me and my family.  Best of all, our meeting place is at Gun For Hire in Woodland Park, – not your typical dark and dirty gun range.  When I walk into GFH, I feel like I am walking into a friend’s home.  It is bright and clean.  Every staff member there greets me and are always ready to help in any way possible.  I am no longer intimidated by what I thought was a ‘male dominated sport’.   We are all respected and treated accordingly.  I am so thankful that my friend introduced me to S.A.W.    I can’t imagine not being part of this great women’s group.”

-Bernadette Hilway, January 9, 2019

“Very informative class, you guys are great! Looking forward to more education from you. Thanks!” – Diana

“It was amazing.  Thank you so much!!” – Jenn

“I am always grateful for what the connection to this group has afforded me the opportunity to achieve… well today… I was able to learn to pheasant hunt! – Melissa

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