Welcome to the Second Amendment Women Shooting Club! (SAW)

We are women safeguarding our Second Amendment Rights, through activism and  education.  Founded by Shari Spivack and Sandra Muldoon, NRA certified firearms instructors, the club is  dedicated to teaching and providing continuing opportunities for women to enjoy  shooting.  Coming soon more training opportunities for women only at the Woodland Park Range in New Jersey.

Social club gatherings including monthly potluck meetings and a summer BBQ are for members of our Facebook group only.

The SAW Facebook group is a forum for all topics firearms: 2A,  self-defense, competition shooting.  Join our Facebook Group to connect with other members and find out more about events.

More ways to connect with the women of SAW – our public Facebook page, Instagram – sawshootingclub, Twitter @NJSAWomen

We are proud and we are strong!


Find out more About Us

Rules of Safe Gun Handling

Check out our product shop for SAW logowear!

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