Teach Your Daughters to Shoot…


Because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.

In response to his recent statement on gun control laws,  “You’ve got to wear them down until they finally say, ‘Enough’.“  I have this to say –  Mr. Bloomberg, I will never say ‘Enough’!

You are one hundred percent correct however, when it comes to issues of public health and safety, I too, will not back down.  I will continue to fight to be able to protect my children, in the manner I choose, one afforded to me by the Constitution of the country I pledge allegiance to.

As a woman, a mother, a social worker and a gun owner I understand the importance of safeguarding the right to own firearms for self-defense.  As a firearms instructor, I know that those who legally own guns, comprise some of the safest guardians of public health and safety in the country.  Gun owners do not seek gun battles, in fact it is unlikely someone would ever have cause to randomly draw their gun.  Gun owners are more aware of their surroundings and the responsibility that goes along with carrying a gun, but they are also ready to protect the lives of others, including those they do not know.  I would rather see guns protecting my children in school than a posted sign declaring it’s a “gun free” zone, because I am keenly aware of how well criminals follow laws, even ones posted on a nicely worded sign.

If the goal is to create a safer environment for our children to grow up in, a safer place for women to stand on equal footing with a domestic aggressor, than look no further than the population of law abiding gun owners in the US.

We all know that evil cannot be “banned”, you cannot remove all risk, but you will remove all means for me to successfully counter that risk – leaving my children vulnerable.  The women you will enlist to be the face of your gun control initiatives do not represent the large and growing population of women and mothers, like me, who will stand up and fight for the Second Amendment. That is, if you allow us to be heard.

I abhor the suggestion that taking guns out of the hands of legal gun owners will somehow make domestic violence deaths disappear.  The psychology of a domestic aggressor does not change based on the tools available to him. Taking the gun out of the hands of the potential victim, does not mean the aggressor will no longer have a means to abuse or kill the victim.  You have only guaranteed that the victim will never be able to equalize the disparity of strength and power between herself and her tormentor, and it will be abundantly clear, in fact, it will wipe away all doubt in the mind of the abuser, who enjoys seeing his victim as powerless and completely under his control.

This woman can easily die the same death being thrown down a flight of stairs as she would have if she had been shot.  But what if she had the means at her disposal to defend herself effectively? A 100 pound woman cannot likely throw a 200 pound male down a flight of stairs, or into a wall, but she can pull the trigger of a gun – her gun.  We should empower those who wish to help themselves instead of removing their ability to feel confident.

Instead of stripping the people of any means of self-defense, choose to maintain and strengthen the balance of power.  Abolish the absurdity of “gun free” zones, and allow citizens across the country to walk confidently.

Mr. Bloomberg, do not hide behind the protection of the women and mothers you will send door to door peddling the misnomer that “safety” only comes when all guns are be taken out of the hands of law abiding Americans.  They are smarter than that, you, Mr. Bloomberg are smarter than that too.  And gun owners, we are certainly smarter than that and we will never say ‘Enough’.

As a social worker and certified firearms instructor, I pledge to continue to educate men, women and children with the proper knowledge, skills and attitude to be responsible gun owners.   As part of my commitment to do my part for gun safe “everytowns” across the United States, and to empower and foster confident and safe women and mothers, I will pledge to always teach victims of domestic violence to shoot free of charge. – SS