The New Jersey State Senate is set to vote on Monday on the Magazine/Gun Ban which, if it passes and is signed by the Governor, will reduce the magazine capacity in New Jersey to ten rounds.  New Jersey already has a magazine capacity reduction law in effect at fifteen rounds.  This further reduction will do nothing to address the “reason” the bill was introduced which is stated as in response to the shooting in Arizona which injured Cathy Giffords.  Magazines can be changed by even the most inexperienced shooter in as few as eight seconds (Chasing NJ video).  This feel good legislation is again, simply another form of a gun ban on New Jersey’s legal gun owners, because as we all know, criminals do not follow laws.  If this magazine limit passes, it will automatically turn law abiding New Jersey gun owners into felons.  How will the police manage enforcing this new law if it passes?  How will gun owners be compensated for the loss of their property and is the probable expense worth it to the state when balanced against the imagined “benefit”?  And in the words of Anthony Colandro owner of Gun for Hire and the Woodland Park Shooting Range, will I get three ten round magazines back if I turn in two fifteen round ones? Anthony says it best in his testimony last week to the New Jersey Law and Public Safety Committee.  Watch below and share it!  The “I Will Not Comply” movement is strong in New Jersey!