February Port Meet Up

We can’t seem to escape the snow here in New Jersey so our January port meet up had to be cancelled due to emergency road conditions.  We made up for at our February meet up!  Under lightly falling snow (there is no escape), our group met up at the Woodland Park Range for some much needed socializing and of course, trigger time.  We were happy to welcome back a few members who were kept away from events by the weather, and one of our (pink) ladies was back after giving birth to a beautiful future SAW member!

At the last port meet up we rented the Ruger LCR so this time we went… bigger.  The rental of this month was the Heckler and Koch USP .45.  Without much hesitancy just about everyone was willing to give the gun a try and there were no negative comments on this one.

“Feels nice in my big hands.”

“Wow, it is much lighter weight than I was expecting.”

“I would consider purchasing something like that!”

Some specifications on the gun include, ambidextrous controls and trigger guard magazine release.  Comfort interchangeable grip panels to accommodate different operators hands sizes, improved quickly accessible combination safety and decocking lever and so much more!  Check out more about the USP 45 here, or go rent it at the Woodland Park Range!

We hope to see you all at our March Port Meet Up – Our one year Proud and Strong Event!