CCW Event and Holster Show

Over 100 holsters for men and women were  on display including favorites  such as the Flashbang, the Ava and Femme Fatale’s thigh and corset holsters.  Master firearms instructor, Anthony Colandro  presented tips and  information on choosing holsters, how to draw from holsters and common practices  and mistakes of CCW holders.

This event was offered as a public service for those who already have CCW (concealed carry) permits from other states or are thinking about applying for one. Residents of  New Jersey are at a disadvantage when it comes to self-defense and personal  protection, this event was a chance to ask questions and learn about the process  of obtaining an out of state license as well as where to begin when choosing.

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Pretty Dangerous Accessories



The Betty

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We had the pleasure of 9 year old competition shooter Shyanne Roberts joining us for our first event!

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The Ava

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